Feziwig Agency

From 2010-2015, I worked with brand strategist courageousb and front-end developer Jamie Graham to create a boutique agency called Feziwig. We worked on a variety of web projects together. My role was web project manager / digital marketer.

Creative Collaboration

Feziwig was a hub for ideas and execution. Each web project came with its unique challenges and as a team we would come up with creative ideas to help our clients rise above the competition.

See projects below:

Saul Good Gift Co.

To align their with their re-brand, Feziwig built a new website for the Saul Good Gift Co. The website was built with a CMS (content management system) that empowered the client to update their own content with full ecommerce functionality.  As the web project manager, I communicated with the design and development team and successfully saw the project through.


The Hearing Station

Feziwig developed a website for the Hearing Station to showcase their unique business services and new brand identity. The website was built with a custom WordPress theme and featured a full screen background image that could easily be changed on the fly with the WordPress app. Also, included in the build was an SEO package to start ranking for sought after keywords.