Bassist / Musician

I’m a professional self taught musician. I’ve loved music every since I can remember. I’ve dedicated the last ten years to improving my musicianship. I’m proud to say I’ve achieved one of my musical goals and now play in a jazz trio called blue bird day. We play venues all over the lower mainland and most recently played at the Silvia Hotel and performed for the¬†Charlford House Gala Event.

I also have experience producing, recording and engineering music. I learned the basics of sound engineering at the Art Institute of Vancouver. After the program,  I invested in a home recording studio and successfully produced a track that was featured in this short film

Team Player On A Winning Team

Throughout my youth (age 8-18), I played on a winning soccer team. We won everything under the sun, including: 7 trips to the BC Championships and winning the Under 14 Canadian Nationals (as seen in picture). It’s amazing to think how important this experience was and how it shaped the foundation of my adult life.

As a player on the team, it not only taught me how to win, but even more importantly, how to be a part of a winning team. At an early age, I learned how to get along with people and become a contributing member of a collective much bigger than myself.