Digital Marketing Experience

From 2013 – 2015, I Worked for CF Canada Financial as their Digital Marketing Manager. Over this time, I was successful in boosting all aspects of the company’s online presence.

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– Website Administrator
– Web Design
– Graphic Design
– Social Media Manager
– Content Marketing
– Video Marketing
– CRM Manager
– Advisor Consulting / Training


During my time at Canada Financial (CF), I was able to integrate several digital marketing initiatives that made a strong impact to the company’s online visibility.

1. Websites for Financial Advisors

CF had over 200 independent advisors working with the company. To my surprise, most of them didn’t have websites and were missing out on the opportunity to build new sales funnels through online means. With help from my web developer, I was able to build a platform for each advisor to have their own website. Each website was built with responsive design, social media integration, and lead capture forms.

As an added value, I created a “Find an advisor tool” where each website was added to a database with geographic information. Visitors to the company’s corporate site could search with the tool by city and province to find advisors in their particular geographic city.

2. Social Media Growth

Within the first 6 months in working for the company, I was able to increase CF’s social media awareness. In brief, I achieved the growth by simply:

  • posting images from events and tagging individuals
  • creating engaging blog posts and sharing
  • creating video from events and sharing
  • sharing relevant content
  • posting and sharing inspirational quotes
  • following and reaching out the influencers and brand builders

These activities resulted in the following percent growth:



Website Traffic


Facebook Followers and Engagement


Linkedin Growth