Should you, or should you not be trying to impress your customers with high quality marketing material?

In other words…

How important is it for YOUR BUSINESS to have high quality graphically designed materials? And is it worth hiring a professional?

Over the past decade, I’ve worked with companies that have top notch graphic design, yet their business weren’t profitable. On the contrary, I’ve worked with companies with sub-par graphic design who were profitable. Hmmm..?

So, how much should you invest when it comes to the quality of your marketing materials?

Before you make a decision make a list of questions like the ones below:

  1. Do you think your customers will care if you have a nice looking logo?
  2. Is it important to have professionally shot imagery on your website?
  3. Do you even hand out business cards?
  4. Does your company need a brand?
  5. Do you plan on growing your business?
  6. Will potential customers even go to your website?

These questions will help guide you in the decision making process.


Although there are companies that can be profitable with poor quality graphic design, the majority of successful businesses invest in not only high quality graphic design but also spend a lot of time and money in creating a brand.

Have a look at your favorite brands and the top players in your industry. Do you think they invest in high quality graphic design?

Thanks for reading

Cheers, Tim