Is your website important to the success of your business? If you find yourself saying, “We’re too busy to redo our website right now” you might want to reconsider. Carrying on with an outdated broken website will reflect poorly in the minds of your customers and weaken your brand.

There may be other pressing issues that seemingly out-weigh the time and effort required to redo your website, but make sure you don’t overlook the impact your current website is having on your business.

What’s stopping you from redoing your website?

Time and Resources
If you’ve ever gone through the process of creating a proper website you’ll know it takes a lot of time. Very few businesses have in-house marketing teams, so resources must be pulled from other departments to assist.

Businesses simply don’t have the budget. This is why a number of them opt to create their own websites using free web builder apps that usually result in a poor unfinished product.

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Fear of change
Redoing your website opens up a can of worms. It forces you to take a critical look at your business and asks questions like: what’s working, what’s not working, how can we improve? Ironically, this is the most valuable part at redoing your website. Innovate or die!

The Solution:

Find the appropriate person within your organization who can help execute the website project. Make sure to allocate roughly 25% of their workload to another employee over the course of the project.

Find a way to come up with money to execute the overhaul. Either save for a period of time, or cut down on some unnecessary business expenses.

Be open to change
Realize that your website and business must adapt and innovate in the ever changing business landscape. More than ever, disruptive technologies are decimating businesses that fail to innovate and stay up with the times.

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