There are some really good web builder programs on the market these days. New tools that empower virtually anybody to build their own website. On top of that some of them are free. Web building programs like WIX, Squarespace, Webbly, etc. are excellent, but they aren’t the solution to having a great website. For anyone who’s gone through the process of putting together a proper website, it’s not just a matter of having a good web builder program to get the job done.

Have a look at the two images below:

  1. The image on the left is a WIX site built by my client
  2. The image on the right is a custom WordPress website I built for the client

*Note: see my commentary below the images

WIX Site(client built)

Although, the WIX site isn’t terribly it lacks some crucial elements:

1. Call-to-action
When a visitor lands on your website you want the user to take action. In this case the client wanted to increase rentals. Notice there are no calls-to-action on the site.

2. Design Elements
There are no design elements that make a website look attractive. It lacks a color scheme, a suited typography, and proper use of imagery.

3. Strategy
There is no strategy in place to achieve the goals of the website.


WordPress Site(my build)

1. Call-to-action
Proper use of call-to-action that guides users to make critical actions to achieve the goals of the marketing strategy.

2. Design Elements
My site uses graphic design elements to bring the brand to life and make the website look attractive.

3. Strategy
Integrates the discovery session strategy to achieve the goals of the website. Including: UX(user experience, information architecture, call-to-action, proper use of images. content strategy.